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YesChef - Nancy Silverton’s Mom's Apple Pie

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Recently, my mother knowing I have been baking, gave me about 7 pounds of Apples. I started to look for an Apple Pie recipe different from my usual, and came across a free class to YesChef, with Chef Nancy Silverton.

Chef Nancy Silverton’s is a chef, baker, author and winner of the James Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Chef Award in 2014. I know of her from my adventures in all things sourdough and artisan breads. If you have not watched Netflix’s Chef’s Table, you should and don‘t miss her episode - her love for fermented dough shines through this episode and inspires my own passion of artisan baking and sourdough. Chef Nancy Silverton stated she would be expanding her Pizzeria Mazza in LA, to Mexico and London. Considering the state the pandemic has decimated the food industry, this is indeed great news!

On the YesChef website, there is a signup for one free class which so happens was Chef Nancy‘s Mom’s Apple Pie. I was very excited to get a free class, I mean who doesn’t appreciate a free class from a world renowned chef? I was also interested in seeing what YesChef was all about. I already have access to a couple of other online class sites and of course YouTube. I ran into a small issue when watching the course, in which the ingredients were not stated on the free class. I was prepared to bake and post as best as possible based on the video but I decided to email YesChef directly. Not only did YesChef respond quickly, they also allowed me temporary access to this class so I could properly test her recipe and in doing so, YesChef as a platform.

Full disclosure, I became an affiliate shortly prior to this research, however this by no means does it influence my post. I would never recommend a product I would not use myself.

On to the baking…

The recipe itself is very good and easy enough to follow. Chef Nancy SIlverton is very good at sharing her experience and technique on the camera.

She is witty, charming and clearly skilled. Her recipe starts with her apple filling with a ton of apples (Well not a ton, about 6lbs). I followed her recipe as best as I could, being a novice and I had to replace the Southern Comfort since I didn’t have any but I did have a bottle of Peach Moonshine, while not the same - did not deter from a wonderful flavor - I may have taken a shot or two during the baking.

Throughout the video, she gives plenty of tips while preparing and baking the ingredients. I think my favorite classes online have been the ones where the presenter or chefs in most cases, teach you along the way. One of the variables to her success in Julia Child’s The French Cook, was the advise she gave as she went along. I don’t know how many people realize what a valuable asset that is to a course. Many schools physical and online costs $16k and up, but to have a chef like Nancy Silverton not only bake along with you but give such professional tips of the trade are worth the price itself of this subscription service.

Along the directions, you start to sauté the apples. This is where the fun part really comes in - the flambé! (or maybe its just me - I get excited setting fire to stuff!).

Most of the recipes I have followed including my own, have made the sauce or the syrup first then add to the raw apples. As the pie crust bakes, so does the apples which usually produces a dense sugary apple filling. I never have attempted cooking the apples beforehand but after the flambé, I’m ready to do this with just about any recipe - flambé Japanese curry anyone?

The rest of the recipe is very straightforward and very clear steps are given from beginning to end. I made this recipe as one 9" pie and the leftover was enough to bake a small individual part size. The result was fabulous! We are almost done with the pie - our favorite method of eating, with ice cream of course!

For legal reasons, I can not disclose the recipe obviously, but I highly recommend you take advantage of a Father's Day Deal going on now (buy one get one free!). YesChef is definitely on my list of top subscriptions - while I still have access... I think I saw a wonderful class from Brooklyn raised Chef Edward Lee - Freid Chicken and Gochujang Sauce I must need to make!.



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